Not a Pilot? Not a problem.


Our Skyfly Training Centre can teach you from your first flying lesson all the way to flying your new Axe. We can help you complete your PPL course whilst your Axe is being manufactured – so that when it is delivered, you are all set to go. Alternatively you can learn on your own aircraft. 

With the aircraft’s 2-seat side by side layout, the Axe is perfectly suited for training new pilots. New regulations for Permit aircraft allow you to learn to fly in your own Axe, which gets you well-accustomed to your new aircraft.

What licence?

Because of its unique canard wing design, you can fly the Axe with a normal airplane pilot’s licence. eVTOL pilot’s licences do not yet exist – there are only pilot licences for airplanes with wings, and helicopters. 

Axe training courses

Skyfly will host our customers at our training centre, helping you to go from zero experience to obtaining your full pilot’s licence – and better still, you can learn on your own aircraft. Existing pilots will go through differences training to type.

Maintenance training 

Having built your Axe, you will already have a very good idea of how the aircraft is built and where maintenance is required. Due to our simple design and modular construction, maintenance is very straight forward.

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